Eating Healthier This Summer

There are many ways to stay healthy this summer. We all know eating great shows. From good skin to shiny hair, here is a list of some of our favorite summer snacks; Oranges- Rich in potassium and an essential nutrient. They make a great snack for on the go mornings. Kiwi- Happens to be one of my favorites! They contain more vitamin C then an orange! Watermelon- A good source of vitamin A and C. Also a great way to stay hydrated on those hot summer days. Pineapple- Also loaded with vitamins A and C. They're good for improving digestion. Pomegranate seeds- Included in the super fruit category. They contain inflammatory properties and boost immunity. Blueberries- Rich in antioxidants and amazing mixed with other fruits. Perfect additive for smoothies or granola. Bananas- Loaded with potassium. They taste awesome either raw or dried. Living a healthy lifestyle can be both fun and rewarding. Summer weather is perfect for picnics outdoors. Pack your favorite snacks, call up your friends, and don't forget to add Pura Vida as your main accessory.
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