A Summer's Day with Photographer Patrick Gray

A Summer's Day with photographer Patrick Gray!!! "I chose my models Jillian and Marissa because they are the cutest pair of friends you will ever see. They have the absolute best time whenever I shoot them together. I was mostly thinking about getting the right kinds of shots, that would show off the bracelets vibrant colors to the fullest. Also, I wanted to capture images that made people want to purchase the product rather than just focusing on the quality of the picture. I wanted a warmth to the shoot that focused on having a great time with your friend, while also adding in great summer vibes everyone is craving. If I would have to name the shoot it would be something along the lines of, "A Summer's Day". The shoot was nothing glamorous, but instead a casual yet cute take on an average summer day with your best friend. I've always loved this backyard because of the large space and variety of places there are to shoot. From the rose garden, to the copper tiled pool, there are bright colors everywhere that scream summer and good times." -Patrick
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