DIY: Watercolor Wall Art

Your walls called, they need some color love. It's time to get crafty and unleash your inner artist with our unique (and super easy) DIY watercolor wall art. Ready to hang up some sunshine? Supplies: Blank Canvas (any size) Paint Brush Watercolor paints in your fave hues (I like these) Cup of Water Black Permanent Markers (optional) Some Creativity! Directions 1) Setup your workspace on a large working surface away from anything you don't want to get paint on. 2) I grabbed some inspiration from Instagram to get the creative juices flowing. Make sure your brush is wet (it's not called 'watercolor' for nothin'!) and lightly dip your brush in some pigment. Then start dabbing, stroking, brushing and creating. You can either use a reference image or paint freely, just listen to your inner artist. 3) Build and layer your watercolors by starting to paint with lots of water and little pigment. Then slowly add in more pigment until you've achieved maximum brightness. The more mixing and matching of colors the better. Remember to clean your brush in your cup of water every so often and in between colors. 4) Once your masterpiece is finished, let it dry overnight. If you really want to have some fun, grab a black marker and doodle some shapes (I like palm trees) or write out your favorite inspirational quote overtop of the dried canvas. Know someone who could use some sunshine in their lives? Share this post with them!
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