DIY: Instagram Hanging Wall Art

As if we couldn't get enough of Instagram, we turned our digital memories into a work of art with this super easy DIY. We hope you "Like" it! Supplies: Thin Wire or String Hanging Screws Printed Instagrams (We love The Print Studio) Mini Clothespins, Binder Clips or Photo Clips (Ours are from Umbra) Wire Cutters Screwdriver Directions: 1) Grab all of your supplies and find a blank wall space screaming for some decorative love. 2) Mark with a pencil where you want to place the screws. I used a level to make sure the dots lined up. Use your screwdriver to twist the screws securely into the wall. 3) Snip the wire to the length between the two screws leaving some excess on each end. Wrap one end of the wire around one screw a few times then wrap the other end of the wire to the other screw. You can have the wire hang loosely or tight depending on the look you're going for. 4) Time for the fun part! Attach the clips and hang up your beautiful printed Instagrams across the wire. Now you have your very own wall art to display your fave memories. Easy right? Share this post if your blank walls need some lovin'!
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