6 Ways to Rock a Scrunchie

If you have a scrunchie obsession like we do and a pile of scrunchies in your room that NEED to be worn, this one's for you! 💁‍♀️ Make any outfit fun and unique by grabbing one of them (or two 😉) and having fun with your hair! Style your scrunchies different every day with these 6 *super cute* hairstyles!

1. Low (and Messy) Pony!

2. Classic Top Knot!

3. Two French Braids into Ponytails!

4. Space Buns!

5. Half Up, Half Down Messy Bun!

6. Low Twisted Bun!

We want to see *you* rocking your scrunchies! Style your hair and post it on IG or TikTok and tag @puravidabracelets #mypuravida so we can see! 🤩 PS, you'll def want to check out our Spring Scrunchie Collection first! Think hearts and happy faces! 💗🤗

All photos were edited using the Pura Vida Preset, Tropical Retro Hues by Salty Luxe! 🌴

Which scrunchie hairstyle is your fave? Let us know in the comments below!✨

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