Back to school DIY notebook

We have another exciting back to school DIY you are sure to LOVE! This one involves our brand new stickers. Have you ordered your own sticker pack yet? They're the perfect thing to decorate your school supplies with. Today we took a plain notebook and turned it into anything but boring. With all these fun designs, it was hard to choose! Follow along to see what we did to spice up our journal. Supplies:
  1. Notebook
  2. Pura Vida stickers
  3. Glue
  4. Scissors
  5. Decorational paper
We decided to recycle our Monthly Club folder for this craft. However, feel free to use any sort of craft paper or magazine cutouts. We trimmed the flowers out to use them as decoration on our notebook! Once you have your cutouts, pick which stickers you want to use! Place all the decorations exactly how you want it first before you stick or glue anything down. Once you have the right design in your head, stick on the stickers and glue down the cutouts! Now your notebook is good to go! Which stickers would you use? Tell us in the comments!
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