Blueberry Lemon Scrub

After receiving so much love over our pineapple sugar scrub, we decided to share another one of our favorites with you! Introducing the blueberry lemon scrub! From the color, to the scent, to your new silky skin, you will obsess over this summery flavor. What you’ll need: 1) ½ cup coconut oil 2) 1 cup white sugar 3) 1 tablespoon or so of frozen blueberries 4) A few drops of lemon juice IMG_5739 Get Started: Step 1: Break down the frozen blueberries IMG_5752 IMG_5764 Step 2: Combine sugar and coconut oil IMG_5771 IMG_5777 IMG_5781 IMG_5789 Step 3: Add broken down blueberries to sugar + coconut oil IMG_5794 IMG_5799 IMG_5802 IMG_5817 Step 4: Add lemon juice IMG_5815 Step 5: Put scrub in the jar of your choice and enjoy! IMG_5825 IMG_5946 IMG_5956 IMG_5986 What flavor scrub would you make?
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