Date Night at the Drive-in - Tips to Prepare

Summer + drive-in movie night! Don't let the summer end without going to the drive-in! Want to know how to prepare for the best drive-in movie date? Keep reading! Whether you are going with a few friends or your significant other, here are some items you don't want to forget. 1) Blankets + pillows... a lot of them! Pile the blankets up to make your car more comfortable. Use the pillows as a back rest and for extra comfort. Save a blanket or two to cover up when the cool summer chill hits when the sun goes down. drive-in-1 drive-in-2 drive-in-3 drive-in-42) A mini cooler to keep drinks/candy cold in the summer air. drive-in-15 drive-in-5drive-in-8 drive-in-63) PIZZA. It's the perfect dinner to share before you head into the drive-in! drive-in-18 drive-in-74) Treats! Bring your favorite candy along. Gummy bears + chocolate are always on our list! drive-in-9drive-in-13drive-in-125) Popcorn. Pop it before you head to the drive in. Use popcorn bags, a small ziplock, or a brown paper bag to share! drive-in-11 6) Something to drink. We picked up some Peace Tea! Don't forget to pack a few waters to stay hydrated too. drive-in-14 drive-in-16 drive-in-17 drive-in-19 drive-in-20 drive-in-21 drive-in-22 drive-in-23 drive-in-24 drive-in-25 drive-in-27 drive-in-28 drive-in-29
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