Delicious "Apple Cookies" Snack

IMG_0190Today we bring you the most delicious healthy snack treat! Apple cookies! Made with apples, and a bunch of yummy toppings. These are perfect for a mid-day snack as you head back to school, you can easily make them when you're about to have a study session, or have friends over to talk about how your first week of school is going. You can even enjoy them as a healthier alternative to regular cookies. These apple cookies don't require any baking, and they take about 5 minutes to prepare.

IMG_0127What you will need: -Your favorite kind of Apple -Natural Peanut Butter -Granola -Crushed nuts of choice -Coconut shavings -Chocolate chips IMG_0132Step 1) Cut your Apple into flat slices

IMG_0143Step 2) Using a smaller knife, cut a circle ring around the core (seed part) to avoid eating it.

IMG_0151Step 3) Take your flat Apple slices, and smooth a peanut butter layer over them.

IMG_0167Step 4) Add some granola to stick to your peanut butter.

IMG_0170Step 5) Add crushed nuts of choice to your Apple cookies. This creates a yummy crunch.

IMG_0181Step 6) Layer on some coconut shavings.

IMG_0187Step 7) Add a few chocolate chips for a sweet touch!

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