DIY Dorm Decor Part 1 - Dream Catcher

With school right around the corner we have decided to share some of our favorite DIY dorm decor in a 6 part series! YAY! To start, we have created a whimsical dream catcher that takes less than 30 minutes to make. Not moving into a dorm? Thats okay! These decorations will bring happiness to any space. What you’ll need: 1) Yarn 2) Needle 3) Thread 4) Sequins 5) Hoop 6) Crochet Doily 7) Scissors IMG_6065 Get Started: Step 1: Place doily inside hoop IMG_6087 Step 2: Thread yarn through doily to secure the edges of the doily to the hoop IMG_6090 IMG_6096 Step 3: Hand sew sequins to doily IMG_6111 IMG_6132 Step 4: Cut at least 10 equal strands of yarn IMG_6141 Step 5: Tie strands of yarn to the bottom of the hoop IMG_6144 IMG_6158 Step 6: Cut off excess yarn IMG_6178 Step 7: Hand sew sequins to strands of yarn IMG_6185 IMG_6181 Step 8: Create tassels and tie to strands of yarn IMG_6187 IMG_6190 IMG_6200 IMG_6192 IMG_6203 IMG_6218 IMG_6223 Step 9: Hang your new dreamcatcher and enjoy! IMG_6461 IMG_6224 IMG_6434 IMG_6234 What DIY decor would you make for your dorm?
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