DIY Fourth of July Tie Dye Sets

Fourth of July means cookouts, fireworks, fun times with family, and of course, all the cute red, white & blue things you can wear! We have always adored all things tie dye, and we wanted to share a super easy way to rock your Pura Vida tee in an extra special way. We grabbed our favorite summer tee & a pair of plain white shorts, and let creativity take the wheel on this cute summer set. 🇺🇸 ❤️🤍💙


  • your favorite Pura Vida tee of course (we used the Waves for Days Tee
  • plain white shorts to make a cute set
  • red and blue dye
  • rubber bands
  • a tarp or old sheet so things don't get too messy 😉


Grab your tee and shorts, twist them up and tie different areas with rubber bands. This is the part where you can make it your own - there’s no specific way to tie dye so get creative! 💙


Fill your red and blue dye bottles with water and start adding color on your knots. You can do as little or as much as you want. ❤️


Keep your shirts & shorts in the rubber bands and let them dry out for 6-8 hours until you take them out. 💙


Time for the big reveal! 🤍 Unfold your shirts & shorts, put them in the wash on a cold setting (don’t mix with anything), and rock your cutest Fourth of July outfit yet! ❤️

We hope you enjoy making these festive outfits (hint, hint: it’s a great activity to do with your friends. Who doesn’t love a tie dye party?) 😉💙 Tag us on Instagram if you make these and shop our Fourth of July styles now! 🇺🇸



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