DIY Resin Jewelry Dish

We got super crafty this spring with the cutest DIY resin jewelry dish! It's perfect for all your Pura Vida rings *plus* it's a super creative way to use your fave Pura Vida stickers!

- Epoxy resin and hardener

- Silicone resin tray mold

- Pura Vida Stickers

- Dried flowers

- Gold leaf flakes

- Stirring sticks

- Measuring cups

- Gloves


Mix the epoxy resin with the hardener in one of your measuring cups using a stir stick.👩‍🔬 Your resin kit should come with instructions with the ratios you'll need to use for the perfect consistency! Mix for about 2 minutes and then pour an even layer into your tray mold and let it sit for 5 hours to harden. ⏰

Spread the gold leaf flakes over the hardened resin. You can use a stirring stick to separate the flakes into smaller pieces and move them around! ✨

Grab your Pura Vida sticker(s😉) and place them face down over the gold leaf flakes!


Carefully remove the dried flowers from the packaging and place them around the sticker, facing down! 🌼 Then you can add a second layer of resin evenly across the tray. (It's okay if the flowers or sticker are slightly sticking out of the resin!) Let it sit for another 5 hours to harden.

Once it's fully dry, pour a third layer of resin to cover any pieces that may have been sticking out from the second layer! Let it sit for a full 24 hours to completely harden and then peal the tray from the mold! ⏱

Bring out your PV ring collection and put them on your new *custom* jewelry tray! 🤩


Be sure to check out all our new summer stickers on our site now! 🤗


Comment below with how many Pura Vida stickers you have in your collection!✨
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