DIY Sunglasses Holder

Summer time is in full swing! If you love all things summer then you probably own a few different bathing suits, several options of shorts and tank tops, and a few pairs of flip flops. Most importantly of all...sunglasses! Sunglasses can accumuate if you love to have options for different outfits. Instead of having them all jumbled on your dresser, why not create something to uniquely store them on the wall? Below are instructions to creating your very own holder to store your sunnies. Supplies: -Piece of plywood -Wire -Two knobs -Wire Cutters -Screw Driver -Spray Paint of choice (optional) sunnyholder-2 Step 1) Spray Paint your plywood piece, leave to dry. sunnyholder-4 Step 2) Measure where you want to place your knobs, mark evenly using a ruler, and screw a hole on each end with a screw driver. sunnyholder-5Step 3) Place knobs in holes and screw tight. sunnyholder-6 Step 4) Get your wire and wrap it on each knob, creating a line of wire from one knob to the next. sunnyholder-7 sunnyholder-8 Step 5) Use your wire cutters and cut the excess wire. sunnyholder-9 Step 6) Hang the plywood on your wall and place all your sunglasses on the wire. Enjoy! DSC07508
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