Egg Cacti

We are getting a head start on all things spring! This adorable DIY project involves both egg decorating and planting. Introducing our Egg Cacti! Let's get started! What You'll Need: 1) Hardboiled eggs 2) Vinegar 3) Green food coloring 4) A black marker 5) Glue 5) Pink + orange tissue paper 6) Mini terra cotta pots 7) Potting soil IMG_5811 Step 1: Mix vinegar and food coloring into a bowl IMG_5821 IMG_5826 IMG_5828 Step 2: Dye hard boiled eggs and let dry IMG_5833 Step 3: Draw cactus designs onto dyed eggs IMG_5839 Step 4: Glue tissue paper to top of egg cacti IMG_5851 IMG_5855 Step 5: Fill mini terra cotta pots with potting soil IMG_5841 Step 6: "Plant" your egg cacti and enjoy! IMG_5872 IMG_5865 IMG_5859 What spring activity are you most excited for?
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