Farmers Market Bouquet

Who doesn't LOVE receiving flowers? Today we are celebrating spring with a DIY gift idea. Our Farmers Market Bouquet is an easy way to put a smile on someone's face. Warmer weather is here and it is time to start spreading some good vibes! Let's get started! What You'll Need: 1) Bouquet 2) Yarn 3) Brown paper bag 4) Paint 5) Paintbrush 6) Wet paper towel 7) Cling wrap IMG_6608 Step 1: Wrap stems in a wet paper towel and cling wrap IMG_6618 IMG_6626 Step 2: Paint paper bag (create whatever design you would like) and let dry IMG_6635 IMG_6642 Step 3: Wrap paper bag around bouquet (it should make a cone shape) IMG_6706 IMG_6707 Step 4: Wrap yarn around paper bag IMG_6709 Step 5: We decided to wrap three Pura Vida Bracelets around the bouquet to make it an extra special gift! Give to a friend and make someones day! IMG_6732 IMG_6726 Who would you give your spring bouquet to?!
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