Frozen Mocha

Coffee and ice meets chocolate. We call it a Mocha Freeze! So delicious. While we are transitioning from summer to fall, why not try one more cold drink before all the hot ones come our way!? Made with just a few ingredients, you'll love this simple recipe to make your own frozen mocha at home. IMG_2773What you will need: -Cold brew coffee (any brand, 1/2 cup) -Milk or half and half (1/2 cup) -Chocolate Syrup (any brand, about 2 tablespoons) -Chocolate Chips (amount varies on your preference, we used about 3 tablespoons) -Ice (about 2 cups) -Simple Syrup (1 Tablespoon) -A good blender IMG_2756Step 1) You will add all above ingredients to your blender. Start by adding ice and 1/2 cup of milk. IMG_2758Step 2) Add 1/2 cup of cold brew coffee. IMG_2759Step 3) Add chocolate chips IMG_2763Step 4) Add a tablespoon of simple syrup. If you do not have any simple syrup made, you may use sugar. The simple syrup blends the best and keeps your mocha freeze smooth. IMG_2767Step 5) Add 2 tablespoons of chocolate syrup. BLEND ALL INGREDIENTS and ENJOY. IMG_2768
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