Fruit Infused Water

We all know that there is nothing quite better than refreshing fruit in the warmer months! As we get closer and closer to Summer our bodies crave nutrients and revitalizing foods. This infused water is the perfect way to keep hydrated and to provide us with great health benefits! Here is what you'll need:
  1. Water pitcher
  2. Assortment of fruits (oranges, berries, and lemons!)
  3. Filtered water
Begin by cleaning and slices up your lemons, oranges + strawberries. Once all your fruits have been cleaned and sliced, pour the filtered water into a pitcher. Time to add all the yumminess! Begin to insert your berries, lemons + orange slices into the pitcher filled with water. Let it sit about an hour. There ya have it! Sip + enjoy! Who's mouths are already watering?
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