How To: Spring Break in 2021

It's the year 2021, you're in school, it's spring break, and we're in the middle of a pandemic. What do you do? Easy! Grab your besties and head to the beach (or park) to have a picnic - but make it luxe! 🧺😉 Here's some super simple necessities for having a memorable and 100% insta-worthy spring break with your fave people!💗

Picnic but Make it Cute!

Bring a couple of cute blankets, candles and flowers to set the vibe! And of course a picnic basket because what's a picnic without one!🧺 Have it loaded with all your things and throw in some fancy glasses to make it classy. 🥂 

The Set Up!😍

First, lay out your blankets and use either your picnic basket as a table or bring an extra wooden tray to set your things on! We love using ours as a little drink station for our sparkling lemonade too!🍋

Now we get to the good stuff... The snacks! 🤤 We kept it traditional with a charcuterie board filled with fruit, cheese, crackers and some sweet treats! All placed on a wooden serving tray for easy eating! 🍓🍇🧀 

Last and final step... ENJOY! 🤗


 We want to see your picnic set ups!

Take some cute pics, throw a PV Preset on (we used Toasty by Alivia Fields☀️) and tag @puravidabracelets and #mypuravida on Instagram or TikTok! 😍

Comment below if you love dreamy picnics like we do! 🌹

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