Mango Coconut Overnight Oats

Want to kick off the new year right with a yummy twist on oatmeal? It is so easy to make and includes delicious mangos which are great for eliminating puffiness and bloating from all of those holiday treats! This oatmeal takes less than 5 minutes to prepare, and left overnight in the fridge. img_0674What you will need: -Rolled Oats (1/2 cup) -Almond Milk (1/2 cup) -Agave Nectar (1 1/2 tbsp) -Shredded Coconut (1 tbsp) -Chia Seeds (1 tbsp) -Diced Mango (1/2 cup) img_0666Place all ingredients in a glass cup or bowl, preferably with a lid to cover overnight. Start with milk, and layer in your oats, coconut, diced mango, agave nectar, and top with chia seeds. img_0668img_0679Mix it all up, place in fridge for a few hours or over night, and ENJOY! img_0691So Delicious! img_0694
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