Marla & Josie x Pura Vida

We're chasing sunsets with our newest influencer pack by Marla Fay and Josie Jabs! 👯‍♀️ The Golden Hour Pack is the perfect accessory for every road trip, cross country flight, and west coast sunset! So pack your bags -- it's adventure time! 🗺🧳

One of our favorite things about the Golden Hour Pack is the influencer box! The Golden Hour PR box features a bucket list journal, a world map, *exclusive* Pura Vida stickers, 4 epic post cards, and of course, the Golden Hour Pack! 

 Marla and Josie gave us the inside scoop on their new fave Pura Vida accessory. 🍦 It's safe to say they are major #goals!

Q: How has the Pura Vida state of mind impacted your life?

A: Pura Vida gives back, loves and supports everyone, and they took me in as one of their own! Pura Vida state of mind has inspired and pushed me to live and lead a more positive life. 💫 - M A R L A

Q: What does the Golden Hour Pack represent for you?

A: This pack represents making your dreams a reality, living life in a positive way, following your dreams, traveling, and experiencing and loving every aspect life has to offer! ❤️ - M A R L A 

Q: What’s the perfect outfit to wear this bracelet pack with?

A: I think that the bracelet pack is a statement in itself, so the perfect outfit is a simple crop top and a pair of denim shorts/jeans! 😍 - J O S I E

Q: List three words to describe your pack!

A: Travel ✈️ Adventure 🌍 Inspiring ✨ - MARLA & JOSIE 

"We are proud to create not only a beautiful bracelet pack, but a product that gives people a glimpse into what our friendship is like! For us both, the pack means so much because it represents loyalty, trust, laughter, love, and traveling the world!" 

- Marla & Josie

The Golden Hour Pack now available on our website! 🌅

Comment below with your favorite bracelet from the pack!

Models: @marlafay / @josiejabs

Photos: @slimshayedy

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