Mason Jar Snow Globes

Snow globes are a classic Christmas time decoration. They come in all unique styles, sizes and even have special meanings. Snow globes are the perfect sentimental gift for friends and family. So what is better than a homemade one? Get creative and decorate yours however you like! We seriously cannot get over how adorable they are. We can't get enough! Follow along to see step by step how it's done. Supplies:
  1. Mason jars
  2. Mini Christmas figurines
  3. White/clear sequins
  4. White glitter
  5. Hot glue
  6. White spray paint
  7. Water
Step one: remove the lids of the mason jars and spray paint them white. While the paint is still wet use white fine glitter to sprinkle on top to act as snow. Step 2: After that is done drying, glue down the figurines in the center of each lid. Allow the hot glue to dry to ensure that they are secure on the lids. Below is the result you should have. Step 3: Sprinkle a fair amount of glitter and sequins in the bottom of the jars. Step 4: Fill the jars up with water. Step 5: Prepare the lids to be secured on top of the jars. Step 6: Secure the lids tightly. Shake up the jar and watch the "snow" fall inside! Display the jars upside down! How cute?!
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