Mar 8, 2022 — by Katrina Kuhn

Today is all about feminine energy - we’re talking GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS!! In honor of International Women's Day, we’re going behind the scenes to highlight a few of Pura Vida’s most inspiring women.
Fun Fact: Pura Vida is currently made up of 81% women!
CC Fernandez - Creative Director

CC, the definition of a #girlboss, leads a team of five incredible women designers at Pura Vida. Working on all things design, she oversees all of the creative graphics (including the International Women's Day digi downloads linked HERE) and branding for Pura Vida. 

She inspires others with her constant smile, kindness, creativity, and famous photoshoot dance moves. She leads with her heart and inspires those around her to lean into teamwork and always lift each other up.  

Gretchen McManus - Product Development Manager 

Gretchen, our product #superstar works closely with our designer, Sheva, to bring to life all of the wonderful Pura Vida collections. She is involved with every stage of production from start to finish to create the PV products we all know and love. 

She is a mom of 2, an inspiration to all with her boho chic fashion sense, and radiates the office with her sunshine energy. 

Kim Hutson - Digital Ads Manager

Kate our ads #queen helps manage the strategy behind all our paid media channels like Facebook Ads, Affiliates, SMS program and more. 

She inspires others by constantly meeting difficulty with a smile and motivates others around her to do the same. She makes every person she meets feel welcome and included no matter how long she has known them! 

Mikala Andrea - Associate Merchant

Mikala our charity #champion is one of the newest members of our team and her focus is the most do-good aspect of our company. She builds relationships with current charity partners and establishes new partnerships for the brand.

She inspires others by putting her whole heart into everything she does. She is dedicated to making this world a better place and is always looking for ways to connect with others.

Catie Lehman - Assistant product developer

Catie is our development #allstar! She works with Gretchen to bring products from ideation to reality.

She is super calm and patient no matter what the situation is, and if you happen to have a conversation with her you automatically get a sense that everything will be okay. She's our island life babe and an entrepreneur on the side with her BFF.

Eriko Bailey - VP of Supply Chain Operations

Eriko is our supply chain #savior and guiding light in the company. She constantly makes sure everything, and we mean EVERYTHING on the backend of the brand is running smoothly. She has the biggest can-do attitude, is a confident role model, and isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves and do the dirty work to find solutions to daily challenges.

We are so grateful today and every day to work alongside these women and are so proud of everything they have accomplished! 

Don’t forget to remind the women in your life how they inspire you or drop them in a comment below, and if you want to get even more involved check out these products that help raise money for women forward causes. 

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