DIY DORM DECOR PART 6 – Mini Tapestry

DIY dorm decor idea number six! This idea is a great way to bring color into your dorm. Check out our mini tapestry. We chose to dye our tapestry a deep blue and we added the same sequins that were used on our boho throw pillow to keep everything cohesive. Get creative! There are limitless designs for this craft! IMG_6935 What You'll Need: 1) Fabric 2) Dye kit 3) Scissors 4) Thread 5) Needle 6) Rubber bands 7) Large bucket Step 1: Cut fabric to desired shape IMG_6940Step 2: Hand sew desired design IMG_6944 IMG_6947 IMG_6956Step 3: Wrap rubber bands around the areas you want to stay white IMG_6961 IMG_6962Step 4: Make dye by following directions on packet IMG_6975 IMG_6984 IMG_6979Step 5: Place fabric into dye and let sit for 2+ hours (the longer it sits the darker your fabric will be) IMG_6990Step 6: Remove fabric from bucket and let drip dry IMG_7013Step 7: Cut fabric into final shape (we also added sequins to our design) IMG_7017Step 8: Hang mini tapestry and enjoy! IMG_7021 IMG_7030 IMG_7033 What color would your mini tapestry be?
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