Paper Cactus

Spring is finally here! YAY! Time for some new home decor! One of our favorite spring home decor trends is bringing the green inside. This trend is easy to accomplish with our adorable Paper Cactus! Let's get started. What You'll Need: 1) 3 pieces of green card stock 2) Glue stick 3) Pencil 4) Scissors 5) White paint 6) Orange tissue paper IMG_6646 Step 1: Fold all three sheets of green paper in half lengthways IMG_6650 Step 2: Glue one half of each folded sheet to the next to create a 3D card IMG_6654 IMG_6660 Step 3: Lay 3D card down and draw your cactus outline IMG_6668 Step 4: Cut out cactus IMG_6673 IMG_6675 Step 5: Use paint to create needles IMG_6677 Step 6: Scrunch up orange tissue paper and glue to cactus to create flowers. IMG_6692 Step 7: Enjoy! IMG_6691 IMG_6683 What would you plant your Paper Cactus in? Tell us below!
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