Peppermint Mocha Coffee Scrub

Who doesn't love a delicious peppermint mocha?! With this easy DIY, you can make it into a delightful body scrub! This smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling ridiculously smooth. This scrub is awesome to make for a gift this holiday season as well. Make one for yourself, and a few to give away! Just double, or triple the recipe below. puravida-6What you will need: -Brown sugar (1/2 cup) -Coffee grounds (1/2 cup) -Coconut pil (1/4 cup) -Cocoa powder (1 teaspoon) -Olive oil (1 tablespoon) -Any brand of peppermint essential oil (5-10 drops) puravida-1Step 1) Add all of your ingredient to a bowl. puravida-2 puravida-3Step 2) Stir all together, break up any big chunks. puravida-5Step 3) Insert into a glass jar, and rub on your body at desired time! Risen with water. puravida-9
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