Surprise Love Letter Jar

Need a gift for your Valentine? Show your Valentine how much you care with a surprise love letter jar! This DIY gift is thoughtful and fun. We promise your Valentine will love it! Let's get started. What You'll Need: 1) Mason jar with lid 2) Enough candy to fill mason jar (we used M&M's) 3) Piece of fabric large enough to fit over lid of mason jar 4) Paper 5) Gift tag 6) String 7) Scissors img_5082Step 1: Fill mason jar with candy img_5089Step 2: Write mini love lettersimg_5092 img_5093Step 3: Fold mini love letters and place them in mason jar (the candy will hide the letters)img_5095 img_5099 img_5101 img_5104Step 4: Place lid on mason jarimg_5108Step 5: Place fabric over lidimg_5109Step 6: Twist cap onto mason jar securing the lid & fabricimg_5110Step 7: Tie gift tag around mason jar img_5114Step 8: Gift! img_5116 img_5123 img_5121What kind of candy would you use to fill the mason jar?!
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