Virgo Season!

CHECKING IN 📢 We’re halfway through Virgo season, and we hope it’s been a smooth sailing one so far.

Virgo season represents the transition from summer into fall (just like our Zodiac Mother of Pearl Necklaces 😉), and this week is especially important as mercury fell into retrograde on 9/9, and will remain in retrograde until the beginning of October. Although mercury in retrograde can bring feelings associated with confusion and frustration, Virgo season is all about the details – let’s get into it 👇🏽

Focussing in on the little things, Virgo season invites us to wallow in the simplicity of our daily routine. Think: making to-do lists, enjoying the beauty of being in nature, and taking time for real self-care. Channeling this energy through the rest of Virgo season can really help you get ahead of your goals so you can watch them come to fruition in no time 🌙

Here are a few things you can do to get yourself in the Virgo-zone:

    • Meditations
    • Journaling 
    • Practicing gratitude
    • Going for a walk outdoors
    • Spoiling yourself a little (Enamel Zodiac Charm Bracelet, anyone?!)
    • Practicing daily affirmations
    • Breathwork

TLDR: spend some time in nature, ground yourself, and enjoy the little things ✨

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