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Ways To Say Thank You & Support Troops

Here are 5 simple ways to say thank you and support our troops! Let's spread the love! 🇺🇸

write a letter ❤️

Write a sweet postcard or letter to any veterans you know that shows them just how loved and appreciated they are!

ask someone about their service 💙

It’s always nice to check in on how someone is doing or ask about their experience as a veteran. Make sure to keep it supportive without being too intrusive - this is so important! Some good starters are: how long did you serve?, what did you do in the military?, what motivated you to serve? Listening to others and just being there for them is one of the kindest things you can do!

donate to show some love 🤍

Here are a few of our favorite organizations to support: 

Homes For Our Troops

Wounded Warrior Project

Operation Phone Home

simply show up for them ❤️

This sounds so simple but it is such a powerful thing. Being available, willing to lend a listening ear and staying attentive to what they need is so important!

make someone a gift basket 💙

Stock up on someone’s favorite candy, drinks, and little things to show them how much you love them! This is the perfect way to make someone feel special. 😊

Comment some ways that you can be supportive and add to the list! 🤍 Also, this is a reminder to shop our Home for Our Troops collection and show some love. 💙❤️

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